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Reflections by Aklile Solomon Featured

Last time I was walking home alone and this guy was walking behind me. I was scared, paranoid thinking what he could do to me. After he passed by I realized how my life was filled with fear. I don’t have a sense of security in my own neighborhood because society has failed women. We refuse to recognize that there is an ongoing inequality and women are in constant danger.

Don’t you dare tell me its not because I am a woman because I tell you my younger brother doesn’t have this fear! Don’t you dare tell me I am exaggerating because you didn’t feel the fear and insecurity I felt! Society thought men to be brave and protect themselves, I was told to keep quiet and cross my legs. Don’t you dare ask me why I am asking for something more when I go to school and vote; because only I know the fear of walking to school by the guy who will grab my arm and force me to talk to him when I just don’t want to. 
How do you not realize that by telling me I shouldn’t complain because it was worst you are asking me to be thankful that I am just grabbed and not rapped, that he scared me into staying but he didn’t abduct me………..how can you ask me to settle for the lesser evil while you should eliminate the evil all together????





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