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Reflections of Yididiya Mulatu

Last week during our Gender Class, a topic came up that was extremely controversial and even caused serious fall out between students. The issue revolved around violence against women, specifically marital rape.

The teacher, although did not blatantly say it was okay, seemed to lean towards the notion that it was. He said "Women's rights are a making of Cold War politics with the West looking for a way to influence and ultimately cause social chaos in the Third World Countries. It is evident that 10% of the world controls the resources and riches of earth while the rest 90% toils with deliberate laws and order created to sway their attention. Most norms and cultures of countries of Ethiopia are depicted as barbaric and unacceptable, even in our own laws, our society is not reflected"

This came from a Gender Law teacher. A man tasked with educating young minds and possibly even shaping their attitude. His ode to this popular conspiracy theory encouraged several male students to voice their jaded views as well, among the trivial "sex is a man's right and a woman's obligation in a marriage", the often heard "women of the old days knew how to handle and value a marriage, women of today simply want individuality" and the most irritating "it is their personal business, we shouldn't air it to the public" the only argument that could remotely hold water was: when two people conclude marriage, they accept that sex is a huge part of their lives, done regularly as expected.

However, this argument does not recognize the woman as an individual person with rights. It assumes that by concluding marriage a woman gives up her right of doing what she would with her body and choosing not to do with it as she pleases.

Rape is one of the worst forms of violence against a woman, it causes a physical, psychological trauma that will never heal, so why then would we allow a woman to be exposed to it? Does the factor of who it's coming from really change the damage it causes? In fact, it would bring a bigger sense of betrayal coming from someone who is supposed to be a soul mate. If we do plan on protecting women from violence, then criminalizing marital rape would be the first step.

**This article was shared from Yididya's Social Media Page. Yididiya Mulatu is currently a Student in Adama University and she spends most of time being awesome! :)



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