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Reflection by Rediet Kefale

Do I really have to suffer just because I was created a female? Do I really have to? Do you have to exercise that power over me? Do you have to show me that you “can”?

As a girl, I am unable to enjoy the same freedom that my brother enjoys. All because I am a girl! I cannot walk with confidence at night. Not because, I am afraid of getting robbed...Noooo. Not really! But, because, as a girl I actually face double threat. I face another threat that is alien to my brother. I will be subject to harassment by men who’ve grown up believing that they are superior than their sisters or female friends.

My entire body has to suffer from the continuous fear of what might happen, and who might happen to it. Then suddenly I will find my hand in my bag, searching for a defending gear that might probably help if an attack takes place. I will then find my legs changing their pace so that I will know if a man is following me; and in addition to all these I will use all the other tricks I’ve developed through time from the very experience of being a female to somehow ensure my security just for the night.

And No I am not being paranoid! If you don’t believe me, observe a girl at night (without of course being creepy). See how her body always shrinks when the darkness start to dominate. Then observe another one with a male partner besides her. After that you will get that I am not being paranoid.

As a girl, I cannot enjoy the same opportunities and privileges as that of my male partners. I cannot work late, or study late. I as a girl cannot go out to have fun at night (Wiye Betam yikirta yideregilign. Chirash going out to have fun alku ende? Enem abezahut…esu enquan bikeribignis? Ya’nema, bemotkut nulign maletis sayihon yikeral bilachihu new?)

So this is my life, her life, our life in brief! Care to do something about it? Care not to ignore it like you ignored Hanna’s? Just know saying "emptssss" is not really caring! Caring is taking actions. Period!!


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