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Reflections by Mehret Okubay

I've spent weeks now pondering about Hana. I've spent weeks pondering about how a 15 Year old was raped by five people while on her way home. How that could have been me or one of my 13 closest friends on campus with whom I spend most of my days or one of my family members. 

This inner thought was about many things it was about how people treated the incident, how we reacted how I should react. I though what does #JusticeforHana mean? Would I be asking a court to be emotional and take unprescribed action against the accused? what would be the end goal with this cry for justice??? At first I thought "Are these people asking for a court to give Hana Justice??" Which would of course be wrong a court room could arrest and kill at the very most. No action would justify what Hana went through they would never feel that feeling of terror, that feeling of being over powered by 5 men, that feeling of being violated or trapped, that feeling of losing something that you hold so dear- something you attach to your purity. Do these people actually think a court could make that happen. But no, they were asking for our community to never let it happen again. Their saying don't forget Hana so we won't have to remember to remember another innocent girl. 


Issue of justice 


 I hate to ask a court not to give bale to the arrested where it might be duly legal or a police man to take illegal measures of investigation. I wanna make it cleare that I don't want the death penalty or life imprisonment where that is not proscribed, I want this case to be treated as justly as possible to both the public and the arrested. I want a court with a system to deal with these situations. An institution that can teach the consequences of losing  values, the consequence of not teaching values. 


How about us ?


More so, than justice in the legal sense. I want us all to look at ourselves, I want us to test ourselves. When is the last time we stood up against a man "Melkefing" a women on the street ? Even a single time when we didn't tell a little boy he shouldn't cry because he was a "Man"? When was the last time we met our friends girlfriend or wife and the first thing we asked wasn't whether she was pretty or not ? Or our friends future husband and the first question we asked was whether he could provide for her ? When did we ever teach values other than the one widely practiced ? The fact is these criminals came from us, they didn't just rape- they were tolerated when they sexually harassed women, they were thought that they were strong and women weren't, they we thought that women were objects. They are an extreme version of the values we practice everyday. The way they think, how they see the world- it all came from us. 


But now we want them to be punished, we want them to be killed, to suffer because they have taken something from us. They have taken Hana and with her went our sense of security. With her, something has changed because it reflects us - humans - so extremely. So we want them dead, imprisond. But I think we should all remember that not only what they did but the way we treat them define us- what great philosopher was it that said, a society should be judged by the way it treats its criminals? Our community and institution is afraid and filled with insecurity- we can test ourselves yet again to see if we can rise above the fear and bare the betrial enough to be fair. 


Millions have judged- how will the law ?


Weeks have gone by now and discussion with friends and family are still the same. We want the accused to be killed, we want to teach others contemplating this in simple language, in a universal language that there will be grave consequences. We also want to prove we're not one of them, we are better than them and prosecuting them harshly proves that, right ? But as a law student it's much harder to judge. We hate the cruelty just as much as the next person but any form of activism should never be aimed at any legal matter being handled by the court system because we are lawyers and we don't make conclusions without deep knowledge and understanding of a situation- or at least we're not suppose too. But some later say "You have to stop thinking like a lawyer and start thinking like a human being" to that I must answer that the two are in no manner conflicting, I am an educated human being in the long struggle of our race against ignorance, I am not crippled but empowered, my learning in law school makes me a better human, it gives me a place in the world, a perspective and a position from which I can contribute to my fellow man. I oppose what happened to Hana for much of the reason I am a lawyer, when humanity is educated and empowered, when we grow as thinkers as observers of nature and the Universe, when we are Better beings - I am also better. I want to be proud of my race and community the time I lived in, the civilization we created, I want history and any being outside of ours to see the Mark Zugurbrg's and Bill Gates of our time and compare them to that of Aristotil and Plato, I want to live in a golden age and community not in a dark age of thought and cruelty. The existence of rapists, racists and unfair judgement is a bad reflection of our time and community. It reduces us. We will contribute less; we will be less because we lived in a time that was less.


We should all stand against violence because it reduces our existence.    


















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